Chris Meyer

“I started riding motorcycles at 19 and never looked back. Riding almost everywhere I went rain or shine (and sometimes snow). I raced with WERA from 1997-2000 when a crash put me out of racing financially, but I never quit riding on the streets. Through these years I always loved helping other riders work on their skills and had always missed being on the track. Somewhere around 2012 I was able to start getting to the track more often, and shortly after became a coach with Midwest Track Days. In 2019 I decided I wanted to race WERA again and promptly got my expert license after winning all of my races. Today as owner of Fast Line Track Days my goal is to bring an improved track experience to all of our track day riders.”

Abraham Murphy

“I am a motorcycle enthusiast and bicycle connoisseur! I love spending time on the track racing CCS amateur, coaching track days, and off the track as a Rider Coach with Harley Davidson.”

Gavin Anthony

“I started riding motocross when I was four years old, and raced until I was 8. I gave roadracing a try and that became what I wanted to do. I raced minis, with OMRL and The Herrin Compound while achieving multiple championships. I moved up to full size bikes in 2016 and stayed at the Herrin Compound to train with some of the best. I am a former Professional road racer, Turning professional at 14 years old. I competed in the 2017 MotoAmerica KTM RC390 Cup, and achieved two podium finishes in my first professional year. I also competed in the 2018 MotoAmerica Junior Cup, While riding for Attack Performance/Herrin Compound Racing Team. During the 2018 Season I achieved two podium finishes, While racing my Graves Yamaha R3 to 6th in the championship standings. I have a lot of experience and racecraft. I want to use it to give back as much as I can in the form of helping others succeed on track.”

Zach Beavan

“I started riding motorcycles on the street in 2013 with my father. In 2019 I started doing track days, as my dad being a former racer in the 90s, made me want to try riding on the track. In 2021 I got my race license and the following year I started racing WERA. In my first year of racing, I ended up placing third in 600cc novice and first in the V8 middleweight classes in the North Central region. I also won the V8 middleweight National Championship. That season make me eligible for my MotoAmerica Twins Cup license. In 2023 I returned to track days and tried my hand at making a twins cup grid. My future goals are making twins cup grids and coaching new or existing riders to become safer and more confident on track like some of the Fastline coaches did for me. Most importantly enjoying a sport I love while getting to be on track with my dad.”

Matt Carr

“”I got my racing license at the Penguin Road Racing School at Homestead Raceway in Nov of 1996 while attending the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando. I was told I started too late to become a motorcycle technician and then again told I was too old and too big to succeed with racing at any level. Like our motorcycles need fuel to go fast, that was all the fuel I needed to get started and eventually become reasonably successful at both with the help of hundreds if not thousands of people. My dad Bill and I attended some of the first trackdays in the midwest near Y2K and went on to own and operate Ducati Indianapolis from 2007-2021 while also running trackdays and sponsoring club level and professional racers. I am definitely a Putnam Park specialist but I also enjoy breaking down and analyzing any track while helping our customers, friends and family have a great time.”

Jack Chamberlain

“I began riding on track in 2014 and I was hooked immediately! I worked my way up to advanced over the next couple years and then got my first race license with MCRA in 2017. I transitioned to racing supermoto in 2019 and have continued that through today. Additionally, I started coaching in 2019 with an organization local to me in Indianapolis. I have participated in a few road racing events such as the San Pedro Martir Hill Climb and the Baja International Tourist Cup in which I came away with class wins and strong overall positions in both. I find coaching to be one of the most fulfilling on track experiences to date, and I am excited to help others to follow the path that I have in terms of advancing in both riding skill and safety!”

Kevin Clay

“I’ve been track riding motorcycles since 2010 and coaching since 2018. My favorite things about track riding are dragging elbows, hitting perfect apexes, and meeting great people who share the passion. My favorite track experience was riding COTA in 2017. My motorcycle bucket list includes riding some of the worlds most renowned tracks like Catalunya, Jerez, and Lusail. I also someday hope to ride from the Midwest, down to Southern Argentina, by motorcycle. Finally, outside of motorcycles, I love traveling, playing golf, and working out.”

Tim Dobbertin

“I have been Riding motorcycles since 2004. Riding on-track since 2016. I am now an Expert Racer. I have coached for N2 Trackdays and also helped as back-end staff I am currently a proud Ohio Resident!”

Bryan Duffie

“I started riding motorcycles in 2006 and spent 10 years on adventure riding and sport touring. I actually learned how to ride motorcycles when I started doing track days in 2016. I’ve had to opportunity to learn from some of the best riders in the business and enjoy passing those lessons along to those getting into our sport.”

Jim Foreman

“I have been riding for 44 years, sport bikes since 2003, and addicted to the track since 2005. I started coaching in 2011, and love helping others improve their riding abilities. Seeing a smile on a customer’s face as it starts to come together, is the priceless reward as a coach. My favorite tracks are NCM and Barber, but every track has its pros & cons that make it a unique experience. Enjoy the ride!”

Jeff Freeman

“I’ve Been riding for a long time, I was a bit of a hooligan so when I lost my license in 2009 I started doing track days. Little did I know, I would fall in love with it and pick it up pretty quickly. I started coaching in 2016 and decided to race WERA in 2017 winning the North Central region championship. My Off track hobbies are BBQing, playing billiards, and getting banned on social media.”

Scott French

“My motorcycle life began in high school as I fell in love with an ad for the Ducati 916, as the entire world did upon its arrival. This led to my first track day with the local Ducati dealership in 1998. One day was all it took, and I was forever changed. Throughout my late teens and early 20’s I raced at Loudon (New Hampshire Motor Speedway), earning an expert race license along the way, along with several race wins and a few runner-ups in the class championships. After a 15 year hiatus from racing (kids….), I am back at it and working my way through the amateur class up at Loudon. In 2013, after taking 5 years off from riding altogether, I got back on the track and started riding track days again. I have now been doing 5-10 weekends a year for the past 9 years. Coaching for the past 2 seasons with MTD has been a blast, and I am happy to help the next generation of riders navigate track days and improve their skills on a motorcycle.”

Geoff Gruber

“I bought my first motorcycle in 2003, and rode Harleys for 10 years logging thousands of miles every year riding cross-country. I sold my Harley, bought an 1198S and started hanging out with the local Ducatisi who got me interested in track days. I started riding on the track in 2017 and got my WERA license later that year after my 9th track day. I won the 600cc novice regional championship in 2018, and I grabbed my expert license shortly thereafter. I started coaching with MTD in 2020 and I’m looking forward to helping out with FLTD. I’m actively racing with WERA both in sprint races and the endurance rounds. See you at the track!”

Robert Hancock

“I helped build the Mid-Ohio school, and have been coaching for over a decade. Additionally, I have had many years of coaching and AMAMoto America crew work. I think I crewed for the Daytona 200 7 times and work with several pro riders including Tyler O’Hare, Danny Eslick, and Hayden Gillam”

Grant Harman

“I have been on motorcycles most of my life. My father’s passion for two wheels carried over to me. I spent some time riding and racing dirt bikes in my teenage years and then graduated to street riding. I was introduced to track days and road racing from one of my best friends at a really difficult time in my life. (Best peer pressure decision ever) I have been on track since early 2018 and started racing sprints and endurance with CMRA about 6 months later. Planning to race some WERA events as well.”

Pat Hirschfeld

“I have a passion for 2 wheels. Rode and raced mountain bikes in the late nineties. Early 2000’s I found my way on to the track. 6 years later the funds to continue riding on the track disappeared. I resumed the slower two wheels for the next decade riding and racing across multiple disciplines. In 2020 I was offered a chance to swing a leg over a vintage Ducati at IMS and that was all it took to get back on track. I have raced with CCS, WERA and AHRAMA. Excited to join the coaching ranks of Fast Line and get people faster and safer!”

Damian Jigalov

“I have been riding motorcycles since I was 3 years old! I started racing at the young age of 8 and had continued progressing my skills through the years. I’ve competed in the Italian Moto3 Championship with VR-46 for 3 years and later competed in the Spanish Moto3 Championship for a season. I’ve also competed in some MotoAmerica Wild card races along with a full year of Jr Cup. Motorcycles have impacted my life in such a positive way teaching me life skills such as work ethic, maturity, and a positive mental outlook. These days I race expert sprint and endurance races with WERA. I am looking forward to helping others by using the skills that I have learned. “

Nick Johnson

“My first time on a sport bike was sometime in the early 2010’s and I was instantly hooked. 6 months or so later a buddy helped me get on track for the first time and it became an obsession. After a couple years of track days I made the leap to racing and managed to win every amateur middleweight class in the 2018 Midwest CCS regional Championship. 2019 I began coaching and racing expert class with WERA as well as the AMA Grand National Finals at Barber where I secured a second place in Middleweight Supersport class. These days I find passion and fulfillment in watching the lightbulb click for riders who are new and passionate about the sport and becoming faster and safer. I’ve been riding with the owners of fast line track days for many years and I couldn’t be more excited and proud to be a part of this organization. I’ve ridden with tons of different trackday providers and I truly believe that Fast Line cares about safety and positive experience on a higher level and they have the knowledge and experience to deliver. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Nothing I love more out of a coaching day than helping other people shave seconds safely.”

Mark Junge

“The (In)famous Mark Junge”

Ryan Krafft

“I started racing in 1998 with the original Fastraxx series and ended up working for the organization from 1999-2002. During that time I took home 2 middleweight endurance championships. Taking a hiatus from racing in 2003 I returned in 2019 with WERA . In 2020 I reformed Motodrone Racing and returned to my roots of Endurance Racing and haven’t looked back since. I’m excited and honored to be apart of this next great adventure with Fastline!”

Dave Lacavich

“I went to my first race School in 1997. The next year I finished 2 nd place in the WERA F1 Central region. From 2000 to 2005 I won several WERA and CCS races. I started coaching for MCRA in 2010, and in 2015 became MCRA Head Coach while also coaching for MTD. I was MCRA race series Expert Champion in 2018 and 2019. I enjoy helping others by teaching them what I’ve learned through my years of experience on the Racetrack and I’m looking forward to furthering this adventure with FLTD.”

Yaunce Long

“I have ten years of racing experience with WERA, five years of WERA Endurance racing, along with two seasons racing MotoAmerica Twins. The slow steady effort it takes to improve as a road racer is what keeps me coming back. I have dedicated myself to improving by accepting the highest challenge in the Twins class. I’ve come back from some intense injuries, proving the risk is worth the reward. I look forward to coaching and improving others!”

Mike Matt

“I started riding in 2015 on a V-Star 1300, and quickly realized that the technical aspects of riding were what I enjoyed the most. Every time I rode, I wanted to learn how to get better. This led me to seek out the curvy and more challenging roads around middle Tennessee, and eventually the Tail of the Dragon. After riding those roads, I made the jump from cruiser to sport bike and continued the inevitable path of learning that led me to a racetrack, and I’ve never looked back. As of today, I ride exclusively on tracks and continue to challenge myself on the technical aspects of riding. As a coach, I enjoy working with riders on these same technical aspects such as body position, vision, and mental acuity. I’ve met some amazing people in the sport, and always look forward to sharing all the great information that I’ve learned over the years. “

Corey McMasters

“I have been on the track since 2013, and started racing around 2020. Everyday since then has been focused on getting faster and safer. The highlight of my riding experience by far has been the opportunity to help get other people into track riding, provide them with coaching to meet and exceed their goals, and help keep them safe. I was fortunate to have some of the best people in the industry around me when I got started riding, and my intention is to provide that same experience to the rest of the riding community. I’m happy to help anyone who is willing to listen, so come find me if you need anything at all. I’ll be the 6’5″ bald guy, and probably repairing something on whatever bike I’m riding that day.”

Lars Pederson

“I started riding dirt bikes way back when. Got my first street bike, Kawi EX500, that someone gave to me because it was leaking gas. Fixed it up and road it through college. Upgraded a few years later to a 600, won a free NESBA trackday on something called a forum back in 2007 and never looked back. I’ve been a coach for MTD since it’s inception, and now, I’m happy to be a part of the Fast Line family.”

Nick Perkins

“I got my first motorcycle in 2000, and upon returning to the Midwest, and at the urging of experienced friends, went to my first track day in ’08. After that first session I was instantly hooked. From then on motorcycles have been a part of my life. I dabbled in amateur racing with both CCS and AFM, and began coaching with MTD in ’14. Off the track I spend a lot of time on home remodeling, and enjoy traveling, particularly to MotoGP races!”

Delaney Ritchie

“I started racing mini’s with OMRL at the age of 12 where I won Novice of the year and a couple championships after that. I also held a track record for a couple years while racing with CIMM. I then decided I wanted to move up to a larger bike and raced with MCRA, CCS, and WERA. I have won many races and a couple of championships and hope to race Moto America after I’m done with school. Even though I don’t have time to dedicate to a full race career at the moment I still love being at the track and enjoy helping others progress their riding skills, and am looking forward to this adventure with my family.”

Travis Ruff

“I’m a pisces, and like long walks on the beach. I have been riding bikes for 40+ years and coaching track days for 10 years. When I’m not riding, I’m working in the industry. “

Tracy Shidler

“I started my racing career in 1994 with WERA North central Sportsman series then in 1999 moved to the WERA National Endurance series with my team Leaning Lizard Racing. Finishing in the top three in class and top 10 overall for the next three years. Then moved on to coaching with STT and then Mid Ohio PTR track day venues. Love coaching and helping others learn and better their skills on the track from Novice to Expert .”

Daniel Shoemake

“I started out as a corner marshal, did my first track day in 2007. I’ve been in and around race and track day paddocks for 24 years. I placed first in the mid central region for LWT SBK and Formula 2 for 2022.”

Hayden Shultz

“My name is Hayden Schultz and I am 25 years old and from Fayetteville, Arkansas. I have raced motorcycles since I was 4 years old and began road racing at 12 years old. I started racing at the pro level when I turned 16 and since then have competed in MotoAmerica and even managed to come away with my first win in 2022 at Daytona in the Twins Cup Class.”

Rick Skeels

“I grew up in the deserts of Las Vegas riding dirt bikes from a very young age. It wasn’t until I bought my first street bike in 89 that I realized that was my true calling. Over the last 30 years I have raced with the AMA, CCS, WERA, and AFM, coached at Mid-Ohio, Nelson Ledges, PITT, NCM, and NOLA. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience and I try incorporate that experience when I’m coaching at the track. It’s very gratifying watching riders progress to the next level.”

Tommy Specker

“I started riding dirt bikes at the ripe ol’ age of 6. Spending my weekends riding and racing dirt taught me a valuable lesson, that while there are motorcycles on the earth, life would remain financially unstable. I spent several years running off-road, and spent almost every day and weekend riding. Later bought my first street bike, a 2007 R6, and went to the streets. Spent some time back road riding before doing his first track day in 2009, and from there made more financial mistakes after another by getting his race license and buying dedicated race/track bikes. I started Coaching in 2012 because my passion was to teach others that thrill of speed, that thrill of pushing it a little more to shave that second off and get closer and closer to the top lap times for which ever track I raced at. Today I still push to make better, safer riders. To this day I still ride dirt as much as I can between track rounds.”

Andre “Dre” Taylor

“My Dad purchased me my first motorcycle on my 3rd birthday, and I haven’t stopped since! I’ve done a few years of competitive racing with CCS ,Ahrma ,MRA, MCRA, and a few other organizations. I have also been coaching with a few organizations since 2011. I definitely enjoy the sport more than most can imagine as well as my family who join me on most all of my motorcycle adventures. Always love to see the sport grow with all the new and up and coming riders, from beginners to racers.”

Mark White

“As far back as I can remember, motorcycles have been in my life. I grew up riding trails with my father and older brother. The transition to sport bikes was made when I was in college where getting out to decent trails got more difficult. My first track day was in 2014 and I was hooked. I made the plunge into racing in 2015. All that changed in 2016 when I was involved in a serious accident while riding home from work. As a result I lost part of my right leg as well as other injuries. Not wanting to hang up riding I started coaching in 2017 along with returning to racing. In my short career I have won regional championships with WERA and AHRMA. Besides racing, there is no greater feeling than being able to help others grow their skills and knowledge of the sport. I love being able to give back to the motorcycle community after it has given me so much.”